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After traveling last week for work, I was so relieved to have Monday off. A catch-up day around the house was absolutely what I needed, but in typical Monday fashion, not what I got. Instead, I spent the better part of my morning at the mechanic waiting on my car to be diagnosed. Adulting is the worst. One of the items I needed to cross off my to do list was to meal plan/grocery shop. Get ready, folks. Opportunity of a Lifetime to own Sumax with no money out of your own pocket. Wanted: Self-motivated individual who loves Harleys. Start out as our General Manager learning all aspects of our business: production, sales, marketing, new product design, and management. Individual must relocate to upstate New York. Sumax designs and master distributes Taylor spark plug wires and battery cables worldwide. Sumax Cycle Products, Inc. While scanning Craigslist for interesting items I found something that caught my interest. The price was a little steep but it looked like a nice specimen. The listing didn't have a phone number so I sent the seller an email inquiring about the item. I always include my phone number in the hope that the seller will respond likewise and include theirs. To my surprise the seller called me. We spoke for a while on the phone about the machine I had written about. I have never arranged for any advertisements here. I have no idea what is going on. We are all back from Asia. We had a great time. The secret is to only eat cooked food and only drink bottled water or tonic water. Everything went fairly well. Even with a generator and a backup generator power was not reliable. The main generator had a bad transfer switch. The backup generator had bad gas. With the electricity being off most of the time the traffic lights were also out. Even if they worked they were mostly ignored. If the light was red that means slow down but if there is no traffic keep on going. Well, not at an advanced rate, anyway. My PSA looked better than any he'd ever seen. They checked my blood pressure again, and again it was good. And the good cholesterol was a little low.

No diabetes, which is good.

Given that a couple of close blood relatives have it, I'll admit to having been a bit worried about that.

It will be freezing, and I shall probably whine a bit. I'm shooting the Kimber. More later. Labels: handguns, shooting. whatever you want! Next weeks challenge is HOLIDAY WISHES! . Pin It. Good morning and it's time for a SugarPea Designs SKETCH challenge!! Today I went with a very classic card. I love how it came out. I used the new Gift Tag Die set, Layered Treat Die set AND the Sweet Treats Stamp Set. I stamped out my tag die on white paper and used some gathered twigs distress ink from Tim Holtz for the color. Everything else was just die cut, then layered onto the card.

Have you heard of Spectrum Noirs? They are the latest and greatest in markers.

This is a by SWALK and is called "present" I love the little gift she is holding and knew it would make a wonderful Birthday Card! I colored her with Copic markers. I cut the banner out by hand. I was going to add words onto it and ended up liking it this way. So I left it alone, which is hard for me to do sometimes. Yes, I think that I am. Lately that's all that I do. Not only am I amazed, but I have learned SO much from their blogs! Thank you blog land for showing me the light! hahaMaybe later if you all are nice I will post some of the cool things that I have learned, made and created over the last few weeks. No, I can't take credit for the idea. but I did put my own spin onto things! So I should get credit for that!. Ah, controversy. Linking up to the interview with Barro was a good idea, Mark. Everyone agrees that the theorem has nothing to say about the effectiveness of G, and Barro explains all of this splendidly. I guess that this is about where our mutual agreement ends. According to CNBC News, the answer is here: Greek Bailout Deal Closer. Who knows what these numbers mean. except to say that they are large. Breathing RhythmMost runners are footed with their breathing. Exhaling moves the diaphragm up while the right foot fall causes the liver to move down, tugging at the diaphragm which is connected to it by some ligaments. This extra strain causes the diaphragm to spasm or side-stitches.

Exhaling on the left footfall helps reduce this strain.

Belly BreathingThe other change is to breathe "deeply", also known as "belly breathing" while running.

This allows the diaphragm to fully lower and reduce the stress on it. "I don't want to read the Bible anymore!"Mother and daughter look at one another, one a smaller version of the other: straight blonde hair, fine nose, pretty features. The only difference is the mulish expression on the daughter's face. She lies on the bed and turns her back, hunched over to express the maximum amount of disapproval. Her mother looks at her in exasperation. Every night she sits beside her daughter's bed and reads the Bible, and every night her daughter listens. Until tonight. The choices flash through her head. Get angry. Insist her daughter turn around. Keep reading. She keeps reading. I love to make banners because it gives me a chance to use my cricut! Here are some of the banners hanging in our school. This banner was created using the School Counselor Blog!. The Cedar Falls Trail begins behind Mather Lodge at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. The red signs seem to warn of danger and dire consequences for taking on this challenge If you ever decide to do this trail, rest assured that it's not nearly as bad as you might fairly expect from the sign. The way back up the stone steps returning to the lodge is steep, but I was barely winded at the top and I'm hardly the picture of robust strength. I didn't take water. I would worry that the sign was scaring off people, but I saw people wearing slides and carrying babies in backpacks so I think people are ignoring the sign. Soulful Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt is a current exhibit at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. It would've been more appropriate, I think, to have seen this back when it opened in October, but I'm just now getting around to it. The Brooks' web site says the exhibit isthe first major exhibition to focus on this fascinating and mysterious aspect of ancient Egyptian culture and religion. The mummies are varied animals, including ibis, cat, crocodile, shrew, hawk, snake. The mummies are examined using x-rays and CT scans so the wrappings aren't damaged during the process. It was interesting to read about the scans that showed no animal inside -just feathers, or dirt and stone- leading to speculation that some fraud was involved since these mummies were most often bought and offered as votive offerings to the gods. It's based on a novel by Richard Matheson, who wrote the screenplay. Roddy McDowall stars.

I like haunted house films and ghost stories, and this is a fine example.

DVD Talk says, " It gets moving right from the get-go, tells the story without any excess padding or draggy moments, and does manage to pull off a few surprises with what happens to, and around, the characters. " Twitch Film closes by saying the film is "still nerve-jangling, especially if you're watching alone, late at night, and wondering what those strange noises are, emanating from the shadows behind you.


Her father is away, a fighter pilot in the North African desert, and she is certain he will never return.

This is a fascinating re-telling of the Norse myths in the context of a moment in a young girl's life. from the back of the book:As the bombs of the Blitz rain down on Britain, one young girl is evacuated to the countryside. She is struggling to make sense of her new life, who dark, war-ravaged days feel very removed from the peace and love being preached in church and at school. When she is given a book of ancient Norse myths -beautiful, terrifying tales of the gods meeting their cataclysmic end- she glimpses a parallel with her own suddenly precarious reality. He is best known for creating that master of private consulting detectives Sherlock Holmes, whose adventures can be read online -links to the stories are here. Jeremy Brett is my all-time favorite of the actors who've portrayed the detective. Here's the intro to the episodes of that series:Here are some clips from Brett's series:Here's an interview with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke:Doyle wrote historical fiction and science fiction as well. The Poison Belt, a science fiction tale, was never dramatized that I can find. Other movies, radio plays and a TV series have also been based on the tale.

I've always loved science fiction and fantasy.

Last year I devoted the month of January to watching more movies in this genre, and I'm going to do the same this year. The more I see, the more I realize there is yet to see. C. It's a nice mix of familiar and less well-known seasonal music. You can buy the cd and listen to some of the music at Amazon. Hello folks. Why? well, I enjoy it and enjoying a punishment will not teach the appropriate lesson. Of course even a CP junkie like myself must have implements I hate, and I do. These are the implements that get my attention, hold it and truly encourage me to mend my ways. Hey folks.

I am still struggling on the typing so some quick posts for the next few days, though should be all healed up soon, so watch out!!!PC Leia was confined to phone duty but when the Chief checked up on her, she was sitting with her feet up on her desk totally uninterested in her work.

She was soon in his office, kneeling on a chair getting a good spanking. Later that afternoon she was caught again letting phones ring on and on so he gave her a sound caning and as an extra punishment she had to stand at reception, against the wall, her sore red striped bottom on display for all to see. Now, I think I had a valid excuse. Such boring work!!! apparently though the boss did not share my opinion. The major source of security in the home outside the Holy Spirit has been assigned by God to the husband/father. He is the one around whom the home revolves. The wife looks to him, and the children look to him. He is the rock in the home. He is the source of strength and stability. He provides wisdom, decisions, and financial and emotional security. We can understand that national pride in any nation has a propensity to deny, minimize, or ignore sins in that nation’s history. The United States is no exception. A nation with a Christian heritage has a greater conscience. In early history the murder, rape and pillage that took place was recognized, accepted, and bragged about.

Timur would take a city and tell each soldier to enter the city and bring back a head.

In recent years Japan came up with new school books for their children saying that these atrocities never happened. China and Korea strongly objected to the rewriting of history. As I understand it, Japan backed down. "My first thought was "where did all the missed calls go to?". My second thought was "who is eating all the biscuits?". No, it's not the fact that there has been a lack of biscuits which is very unusual. Well, some of them had already proved useful for trialling a variety of new weathering products - to varying degrees of success - but I'd long had a small quarry-cum-cement works in mind, inspired partly by Chris Nevard's 'Cement Quay' and some of the impressive real life cement works in my locality. Now with the natty Symoba pivoting NEM coupling pockets installed, plus new buffers, the wagons are looking more refined and I've initially fitted Kadee couplers. I've never run a layout with Kadees - only ever having employed them on fixed rakes of carriages and the like - so this may well be my first serious foray. As the stock and traction for the layout is likely to be limited, this shouldn't prove too expensive. Hi There, How do you fix a microsoft runtime error that appears on my desktop screen?No. How do you do a debugbreak or pure call virt. c. ? Looked up info but it is too confusing. Is there simple instructions to fix this?Need professional for help. .