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And a still earlier one. One of my hobbies is cooking from very early cookbooks, including one big one from the tenth century. Recently I had an online exchange with a friend who had made a fermented drink from a recipe based loosely on—which is to say sharply modified from—a period recipe. When I asked why she didn't use one of the period recipes from the same source her response was that she would rather have something that tasted good than something that was historically authentic. There are some things which moderns do better than people in the past, such as curing diseases. But I know of no reason to believe that cooking is one of them. As evidence against that conceit, consider traditional cuisines such as Chinese or Indian. They are different from modern western cooking, but if they were strikingly inferior they would not be as popular as they are. For more examples of things we aren't better at, consider Jane Austen's novels, Bach's music, Donne's poetry, or the jewels of the Sutton Hoo Treasure. I have just finished reading a book on Islamic law, that being the subject of one of the chapters of a book I am currently writing. One of the parts that caught my interest was the description of the disagreement between two philosophical schools. The Ash'arites, on the other hand, held that human reason was unable to make such judgements, hence all rules had to be entirely based on revelation, with reason limited, if I correctly understand their position, to interpreting the meaning and application of what had been revealed. It occurred to me that there was a small problem with the Ashirite position. If humans are entirely unable to distinguish good from evil, how can they distinguish God from the Devil? How, in other words, when a powerful supernatural being tells them to do something, can they tell if he is good or evil? The same problem must exist for other religions in which some theologians hold a position analogous to the Ash'arite. I am curious as to whether any of my readers can tell me how it is dealt with.

One of the other interesting details in the book was the attitude of Islamic legal scholars to probability.

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Sweet isn't it? I don't know if it was made with anyone specific in mind but my experience of the NHS leaves me with a long long shortlist. Photo Slideshow by Max. "I'll do anything, Lord, if you just keep me from drowning. Tell me what to do. " That's the prayer of fear-based religion. For many people, that's their view of God. That's how they pray: "Lord, I'll do anything if. ". Simone has been asking some questions about women's ministry, in response to this post by Jenny about our narrow definitions of "godly womanhood". I've been thinking about this a lot, as I now have shared responsibility for the women's ministry at our church. g. g. Fabricated Big Block Chevy valve covers for sale, new. Never used, still in box. There's interviews, and then there's interviews. Deb Nam-Krane, the woman who runs the Written by Deb blog, asked me some hardcore mythological questions. Please give 'em a read!. Black and white toad device on title page, otherwise no illustrations. 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Assaulted round-the-clock by traffic noise, Harry wanders the streets of Bangkok -lined with go-go bars, temples, tourist traps, and opium dens- trying to piece together the truth behind the ambassador's death even though no one asked him to, and no one wants him to -not even Harry himself. Eurocrime has a positive review and says, "COCKROACHES is an impressive early instalment in the Harry Hole series, fleshing out the background about Harry Hole's family life and romantic history. on G. E. Patterson, downtown in Memphis. ”" Cinematical calls it "A beautifully conceived and executed piece marked by a dreamy narrative and intriguing imagery". Ademi uses the power to broadcast images of Canada to its own citizens from coast to coast, but in the process angers the government. The Younger Son is a big fan of Michael Kitchen and of the Foyle's War series and suggested we watch Bleak Midwinter sometime this month. It's not a typical Christmas story, but the fate of a Christmas turkey is a key plot element. Youtube has this online in short segments with embedding disabled. There is a detailed plot synopsis and some screen shots here. The Younger Son is slowly but surely collecting these on DVD. You can change quantities in the shopping cart. I have been posting here on Roots by the River for eleven years now. Most of the posts have been for believers, but some are on the gospel for unbelievers. I No. He shall dwell in the parched places of the wilderness in an uninhabited salt land. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. The weather was all over the board this week. On Monday, a snow storm closed my local pool. My coach cancelled morning track, encouraging us to go to the evening workout instead. I ended up returning to Iwo Jima for hill repeats - it was the only real option, since the track was unusable, and my normal fallback of the Whitehurst Freeway underpass had too much traffic at that time of day to be safe. Since I have a hilly half-marathon in a few weeks, it probably wasn't a bad thing to get some hill work in. Which is what I came close to doing here. Yay. Season’s Greetings from the Land Down Under! I hope that you were all on Santa’s ‘nice list’ and had a great Christmas Day with family and loved ones. I thought it would be a good idea to tell you what it is like to experience Christmas here in Australia. In fact, unsurprisingly, it is virtually the same! For example, all the major department stores put up snowy Christmas scenes in their store windows. This includes fake snow in the shop windows, carol singers, a portly Santa and so on. It can be slightly amusing to new migrants from Europe to see this. No prizes for guessing what is generally cooked! Yes it is turkey and vegetables covered in a nice gravy. Job Satisfaction is DIRECTLY Proportional to Degree of Professionalism at Your Workplace!: Job Satisfaction & Professionalism!: The ideology behind satisfaction on job has gone for a toss. If you do an RCA, sometimes you find it's you who are not satisfied, but. Mooring up last night in Audlem we dropped a windlass in the drink, just in front of Erin Mae. On our way back from church this morning I left my best beloved browsing in Audlem Mill and came back home to put the kettle on. A woman came and sat on the bench outside with two little girls, and I went out and asked if the girls would like a drink. Affirmative. I got chatting to the dad about what he'd found, and mentioned my own failure last night. So he himself had a look and, lo and behold, found the windlass. I don't think I've ever been given so much meat at a carvery. But tonight is the main event – the folk session in the bar. .