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But my impression, largely from our children's accounts of people they know, is that a large fraction of teenagers and young adults, perhaps a majority, do not get along with their parents.

That not only makes the process of bringing up children a lot harder and more unpleasant, it also eliminates one of the major long-term benefits—ending up with adults whom you love and trust and who love and trust you. Which raises the question of whether we have just been lucky and if so in what way, or whether we, and our parents, did something right. And even if child-rearing does not have a large effect, other environmental influences, especially, by her account, the peer group environment, do. Like many other people unhappy with the administration, I have been worried by the apparent inability of the Republicans to find a candidate who is both electable and likely to make a significant improvement, and worried that they may end up losing an election that they ought to win. Suppose the Republicans convert Obama's current unpopularity into majorities in both House and Senate, but manage to lose the presidential election. Consider what happened the last time the Republicans had both Congress and the White House. Or, for that matter, the last time the Democrats did. In a recent post, I discussed my attempts to select among subnotebook models. It occurs to me that my problems could be someone else's profit. It looks, from poking around the web, as though someone familiar with Linux could,with a little effort, convert the XP versions to either Linux or dual boot. Once the initial work of figuring out how to do it and preparing a suitable CD or flash disk had been done, doing it again should be very little work. My web site has had how to repair these Viewsonic monitors when they have garbage on the screen. The capacitors should be available at Radio Shack. Firelighters are safer and a great value. Simply break off a block and light it and the firelighter will remain lit for several minutes, replacing kindling, newspaper or lighter fluid. Until now, most people have used dangerous, hazardous ways to start their bbqs and fireplaces, like wood chips soaked in kerosene or lighter fluid. The openwork pattern of this heavy duty door-mat has the look of wrought iron but is actually made of weighty, rugged rubber. These are designed to serve outdoors and withstand the elements. I don't have much time tonight, going to play Trivia at the Tiki Bar, but I wanted to post my lastest card using Bubbles Tilda. Don't know how well you can see, but I used Liquid Glass from CTMH on the bubbles and Diamond Stickles on the wings.

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Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. Genesis Microchip, Inc. It seems like you are no better off if you get someone else to do it for you. I found this a bit heavy-handed, even preachy, but the critics love it. via veoh. Some people might call Citizen Kane the great American movie. I might just opt for Gun Crazy instead. FilmSite. " DVD Talk says, "It's one of the most popular films noir because, like Kiss Me Deadly, it's just so much fun. TCM has information. The Photograph is one of Penelope Lively's novels. I love the way Lively writes and have several of her books on my shelves. She spends much attention on the effect of the past on the present and the place of memory in our lives. This is a quick, easy read, but thought-provoking. from the back of the book:It opens with a snapshot: Kath, at an unknown gathering, hands clasped with a man not her husband, their backs to the camera. Its envelope is marked DO NOT OPEN - DESTROY. Tuesdays are your chance to ask any Filofax related questions you might have. So fire away and we will collectively try to answer your questions or offer opinions. What was Steve's first post on Philofaxy, title and date. I had not been looking forward to Shrek Forever After, but I enjoyed it once we got started. trailer:Empire Online likes it, saying, "DreamWorks could be entering a period of fresh creativity. With How To Train Your Dragon and a balanced, darker-hued and very funny Shrek finale, they’ve found the magic again. " Rolling Stone concludes: "It's a fun ride. What's missing is the excitement of a new interpretation. " The Village Voice says, "It takes the film a deadly long time to kick in, and when it does, it largely retreads formula". What a bizarre little film! I like it, but from what I read I'm in a seriously tiny minority. Megan Fox and Rhys Ifans are also in it. trailer:Salon. Slant Magazine calls it a "rubbish affectation of a film". Rom. Paul is keenly aware that all creation has been affected by original sin. It groans and travails because, of itself, it cannot achieve its end. It strives to fulfill its highest aspirations, but is constantly frustrated. At the center of creation is the human person. Likewise, we cannot achieve our end of ourselves. But, St. Mt. Hello Folks! for those of you not aware I have an injury to my hand, which has meant I have been unable to administer CP. Boooooo!!! Anyway, I just want to post quickly that I am back in action now as of Monday. YAY!!!! so I warn you all to watch out. I am back and could not be more in the mood. Picture courtesy of The English Mansion. Above: Nastassja Kinski as Tess. Those who rejected these values were viewed as a threat to respectable society and became known as 'fallen women'. They became outcast, shunned, because they were viewed as tainted and spoiled. Richard Redgrave's famous painting, The Outcast, illuminatingly explores these issues.

The painting illustrates a father casting out his daughter from the family home because she has allowed herself to be seduced and has borne an illegitimate infant which she holds in her arms.

Other family members weep, plead with the father, and beat the walls with frustration. We cannot tell if they are sympathetic towards the outcast woman, or whether they feel shame and dishonour. “But Samuel replied: ‘Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the LORD? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams. For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has rejected you as king. Notice also that God was grieved because of Saul’s disobedience. God did not call it partial obedience. This was written by my wife Bessie. “My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed. The quotation above is from the King James Version but is rendered my heart is steadfast both in the RSV and NIV. I like the strength of the KJV because “fixed” suggests a locked-in position, a trusting regardless of circumstances. We read in the caption that David had written this psalm when he fled from Saul into the cave. A “fixed heart” assumes a confidence in the Lord. The shin’s cleared up, and I’m not concerned about it. I also feel like I haven’t lost too much in terms of aerobic fitness, and should be back to where I was pretty quick. My main concern is the ability of my ankles and feet to hold up to my normal mileage and workouts right now. All the soft tissue around my lower legs and feet seems to lose resiliency pretty quickly, and while I do a LOT of rehab/strengthening exercises focused on those areas, they are no substitute for the strengthening I get from actually running. N gauge PFA enters service. Following the post in early March, regarding the C-Rail PFA container flat and container, the wagon has now entered service on my wee 'N' gauge layout. Mind you, I doubt they ever ran together in real life. Both run smoothly and reliably and add a bit of interest to my small array of modern freight stock. The Inn on the Wharf already had a few, friendly customers, but we were particularly interested in the museum in the old toll-house building, also on the wharf. The new colour in Erin Mae's cheeks is a sight for sore eyes. Any other lady with this amount of glow might use some powder to ameliorate the effect, but we applied polish! Restoring the slightly corroded paintwork under the leaky window was always going to leave a sharp contrast between old and new paint, and reds are worst of all. So we resorted to cutting back all the paint down both sides, and the result has been great. The enthusiasm for a good polish might even last. If only the scratched green bits didn't stand out so much now… I spent a morning with Rich while he was applying black gloss, and discovered that once you start asking an expert to show you how to paint a boat, there's no end to the bits and pieces and products you suddenly find it necessary to acquire. Lots of boaters don't value shine. Prefer a more matt approach. Some boats probably look better that way. But Erin Mae's looking a treat – apart from the scratched hatch, and the scrapes down the side, and the creeping corrosion along the handrails, and the cruiser rail needing some more varnish, and…. rootkit. .