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Rider sustained a broken shoulder and collar bone and gashes in his left leg. Rocky Robinson of Grass Valley holds the current land speed record for motorcycles. On Monday, he headed out to the salt flats of Utah to take on his own mark. Robinson attempted to recover, and the bike pitched to the left.

Both were thrown into the air.

Viper Powersports Inc.

Mr. Leysen brings over twenty years of product development and manufacturing experience in the automotive and motorcycle industries. Prior to joining Viper, he has led product development for several start-ups in the powersports industry, managing engineering efforts both domestically and internationally. Mr. Leysen served as the Program/Product Development Manager for Indian Motorcycles in both Gilroy, CA and Kings Mountain, NC. The CrossBow SS features a powerful cobalt blue and white muscle-car inspired custom paint scheme, standard reverse, and John Lehman signature billet wheels. All Lehman Signature Series trikes are limited edition and feature custom paint, wheels, and reverse. lehmantrikes. The Orangeburg SeriesReaders of past posts may recognize sermons in this series. To anyone who may be disappointed to see a "rerun," I apologize. I dare say, however, that for a preacher, revisiting familiar sermonic ground is as delightful an experience as a walk in a familiar wood or a stroll on a favorite beach. There are large churches and small churches.

There are country churches and city churches.

There are old churches and new churches. There are high-church “smells-and-bells” churches, and there are low-church “meet-and-greet” churches. but whoever loses it will save it. I like fusion music.

This qualifies.

Labels: music, Outside The Box. Mom riffs on this topic some:"Yes, I do believe everything happens for a reason, but I happen to think some of the reasons are pretty horrible. And some are just cosmic. And I don't believe that myfaith will protect me or set an umbrella over me and the ones I love.

But Idon't see any reason to be fearful, either.

"Go read. Labels: brooding, excuses, expectations, Other blogs. Yesterday, the Deluge Of Aught Seven continued, and I worked a couple of wrecks, getting soaked in the process. The rain defeated my work cell phone, requiring me later to spend an hour at the phone shop. Other than a fireworks call at the end of my shift, I had only a barking dog call. We had lunch, and drove around, chatting. Since returning to patrol, I'd not had any riders with me, but I decided that it was time, and anyway, Dad is no ordinary ride-along. My LT had made it clear that Dad could and should ride out whenever he had the inclination. But they didn't, as they generally don't. What a pleasure. Labels: day at the office, family, good man, yay us. Mom's site is back up. Labels: public service message. Hang them on a tree trunk, porch post, or side of a fence. Their adorably astonished faces will be the focal point of any patio or garden. Hand-painted resin. Nutrient defieciency is defined as lack of nutrient. They are N,P,K, Ca, Mg,Fe, Mg,Mn,Cu ,Bo etc. Of those N is very important. There are needed by the plants for growth and metabolism. In one case I have seen dragon fruits suffered from N deficiency symptoms. This occurred in Kelantan, in the NW state of Malaysia - the soil is of bris type i. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. If approved, it is what is put on the drug label, often referred to as the package insert, that will likely decide the success or failure for Afrezza. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. “I hate vacations.

If you can build buildings, why sit on the beach?” Philip JohnsonThat notwithstanding Zorro is off for a week, or maybe two, and will not be blogging.

He has been warned.

"Running? What is there to learn? If you can walk, you can run" - That's perfectly true. But if you want to do it faster, for longer and without suffering too many injuries, there's quite a lot you ought to learn.

Think of the running action as like hopping from foot to foot, and with each hop swinging the raised foot forward to land in front of the other foot.

The sort of running we want to do is, of course, slightly more sophisticated than this, with aim being to get through a stride as fluently as possible, delivering the maximum amount of forward momentum for the minimum of effort. Firstly, it's important to note that there is no such thing as the perfect running technique, just like there is no "best" running shoe. Because of the differences between runners in term of size, weight, age, gender, muscle density, strength and so on, everybody's ideal stride will be unique to them. But there are theories and guidelines that can be universally applied, although they will probably need to be customized to fit your individual action. It takes away the idols I refused to give up. It exposes the lie of my self-sufficiency. It brings me to my knees at the foot of the cross. It teaches me, once again, to bear my cross for the One who died for me.

I've seen this dynamic in my own life.

What a rare privilege it is to fall in love with a new author! Ian McEwen has been writing for years. But I only just discovered his books when I read Atonement. Many novels, even when I enjoy them, feel like they've been churned out in a hurry. Like fast food, they suit my speedy reading style. Swallowing without chewing. It's a long time since I've read a book where each word has been chosen with exquisite care, making me want to chew slowly, savouring the taste. "Here's his description of a fountain topped with a reproduction of Bernini's Triton:Of the four dolphins whose tails supported the shell on which the Triton squatted, the one nearest to Cecilia had its wide-open mouth stopped with moss and algae. Jeff is badly hurt. Also, Jeff is a brother to Paul's brother John's wife Laura. If we are this much in shock, how much more the grandparents, siblings, and especially Carolyn herself. Johnny A. Continuing my theme from the past few days of self-rejected portrait covers from Olympians, here's a batch of Hera portraits. Looking at them now, I wish I had included those few loose curls in her final design. I prefer to observe the anniversary of the death for various reasons. " Yes! Yes, indeed! Sometimes a cup of tea is all that's needed to restore normality, and sometimes normality really needs to be restored.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is his best-known and most readily available work.

You can order it from a Memphis bookstore here. Not one of the most faithful adaptations, Scrooge is nevertheless a wonderful performance.

He shows a growing coldness and heartlessness as his personal business prospers, but his conversion is filled with a joy that's contagious.

This version is a must-see. Kathleen Harrison plays Mrs. Dilber. Michael Hordern is Marley. Ernest Thesiger plays the undertaker. We have a couple of quibbles with this one -mainly the big, healthy-looking Tim with full rosy cheeks, whose only claim to frailty is to use a crutch while holding one foot up behind him and hopping along on the other. To call him "Tiny" Tim is laughable, as he's almost as big as his parents. Here's Scrooge post-conversion: "I don't deserve to be so happy. I can't help it! I just can't help it!"Slate Magazine calls it "the best Christmas movie ever made" and "the king of holiday films" and says, "I double-dog dare you to watch this one and not have it shoot to the top of your list of all-time favorite movies, Christmas-related or otherwise". Reading this book reminds me why I don't usually read series books until at least the first few are out, and, in the case of a trilogy, until all are published. I don't usually like child/teen protagonists, but I did enjoy this book. I found the idea of an intelligence living in the web fascinating. from the back of the book:Caitlin Decter is young, pretty, feisty, a genius at math - and blind. Scott and Anne Bancroft. Embedding is disabled, but the film should autoplay from this link. " MSN has an overview. In fact, I ran it as my first and second half-marathon. In the time since then, they revised the course, shifting that part to nearby Rock Creek Parkway and Calvert Street. So I knew that would suck. my consumption of caffeine has increased dramatically"I am feeling tired a lot recently. Now it's nothing with to do with long working hours, or going to bed really late or even collecting stamps. It's got to do with the football World Cup. Now, obviously I am not at the finals. After all, England overlooked me for Rooney. The transfers performed faultlessly and really look the part. I'm looking forward to adding the weathering and final touches. And, of course, those types represented in the r-t-r market. We humans are known to hoard things just like squirrels and in the process create the constant need for larger storage space and clutter our surroundings. It is environmental-unfriendly and not a cool act to me who have all along been espousing my intrinsic love for minimalism and carrying lesser personal belongings which include amongst others my ever-growing collection of books, LPs and CDs. I shall leave the subject of books out as it is unrelated to music playback and concentrate on the latter two music formats. The cause is usually after the use of a Windows Registry Cleaner that many websites tout as necessary. In most circumstances, using that Registry Cleaner's Undo or Restore feature fixes the problem, most quality products also include an exclusion option where you can add AutoCAD/LT to the list of programs not to touch. If you use a freebie or a bargain cleaner, they don't restore or recover well. A repair reinstall of LT fixes the problem as noted HERE. All a bit foggy and grey this morning. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the cloud cover, maybe it's the latitude, maybe it's the Labour Party conference just down the road. Sun eventually came out for a while and, after nearly a week, we moved off the Bridgewater canal onto the Leigh branch of the Leeds and Liverpool. Everything from here is new territory. A wonderfully sensible lift bridge, which automatically sounds the alarm, changes the traffic lights, drops the barrier and raises the bridge. All you have to do is use your key and then remember to keep your finger on the "Open" button. And, after your boat is through, repeat it all with the "Close" button. Had a late lunch and listened to Ed Miliband's speech on the radio. As they said, he was speaking to the nation, not just to the conference.

We shall discover in time whether they can avoid being drowned out by the political cat-calling which, unfortunately, is bound to be part of the run-up to the election.

What did you do on your birthday, mum? Came down the Anderton Boat Lift! We hadn't planned it, but it seemed the right sort of celebration on a wet day. We were the only boat going up or down the lift that trip, so Neil and David who were supervising it took the time to chat to us – helped to make it really interesting. Was she nervous? Finally, our first experience of cruising a river as we ran up to the centre of Northwich. Yummee!. .